Healthy & Long hair tips from Hina Khan ( Akshara )

Healthy & Long hair tips from Hina Khan ( Akshara )

12/02/11 | by Ajit | Categories: Diseases

Long black hairs add to the beauty of the lady whether she is fair complexioned or dark one. But it is very difficult to gain the correct procedure. The following procedure is a tried and trusted. You may give it a try:
Add an egg into 100gms curd. Mix it properly and apply on the hair. Massage it on the scalp and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the hair with water (preferably lukewarm). Dip a towel in warm water and rinse it. Wrap it around the hair for 5-minutes. Remove the towel and again dip in warm water to rinse and wrap around the hair for 5-minutes. You may repeat it one more time. Then apply conditioner. Please take care that the conditioner is harmful for the scalp, therefore it should not touch your scalp. It may be applied only on the hair. The hair may be washed once or twice in a week Important: Egg does not leave any smell into hair.
Henna is very useful for the hair. It may be applied on hair, once in 15-days.

Squeeze a lemon in the bucket of water which you use for washing your hair. It will add luster to your hair.

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